About Felix Consulting Co

Felix Consulting Co. is dedicated to providing assistance and resources to small and micro business people that will empower them to grow. All business, if done properly, is a labor of love, care and consideration. Let Felix Consulting Co. help you to reinforce these values within your business… Read More

Our Services

Felix Consulting Co. offers a variety of services that can positively effect the productivity, operational efficiency and earning potential for any small business. Our consultative approach to business analysis ensures that any strategic recommendations will be based on your company’s strengths, market opportunities and/or historical company data. Whether you partner with Felix Consulting Co. to plan for a new business or to improve the operations and profitability of your existing business, we can help you discover the actionable insights that will lead to growth and success.

Business Plan

A comprehensive plan that will detail future objectives of the business and the strategies through which these objectives will be achieved. Includes financial projections for all business operations and capital expenditures… Read More

Financial Review

A systematic review of a company’s financial records for the purpose of evaluating business trends, solvency, growth potential, etc. This data provides a baseline from which plan and implement changes to increase profit… Read More

Strategic Plan

A detailed plan for existing small businesses that aspire to expand their current business or add a product line or business unit. Includes financial projections and evaluates how the current business will be effected by the stresses of expansion… Read More

Please contact us for more information on our services and pricing. Felix Consulting Co. is here to help you grow!