Felix Consulting Co. is dedicated to providing assistance and resources to small and micro business people that will empower them to grow. All business, if done properly, is a labor of love, care and consideration. Let Felix Consulting Co. help you to reinforce these values within your business.

Felix Consulting Co. offers a variety of services that can positively effect the productivity, operational efficiency and earning potential for any small business. Our consultative approach to business analysis ensures that any strategic recommendations will be based on your company’s strengths, market opportunities and/or historical company data. Whether you partner with Felix Consulting Co. to plan for a new business or to improve the operations and profitability of your existing business, we can help you discover the actionable insights that will lead to growth and success.


Nehcole J. Felix is a Massachusetts native who acquired the majority of her business acumen working with technology companies in New York City. Having first graduated from Manhattan College with a B.A. in Marketing and Corporate Communications, Nehcole went on to work for global publishers such as Metro International and Rodale Publishing. These opportunities allowed for a very comprehensive tutorial in corporate structure and overall corporate strategy that would prove invaluable upon moving into the, at the time, still developing world of online publishing and marketing.

Nehcole’s first fore into the digital space was at About.com (formerly a NYT Company) where she developed her understanding of website development, ad serving, digital product development, forecasting and general business operations. She was then able to take this comprehensive experience and become a pivotal team member at then start-ups like: Undertone Networks, Patch.com (formerly an AOL Company), TechMediaNetwork, eXelate (now a Nielsen Company), Fiksu, Inc. The most valuable experience being the access to myriad different Fortune 500 client teams at companies like: Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, Las Vegas Sands, Xcel Energy, Johnson & Johnson, The Kroger Co., American Electric Power, QVC (Liberty Media), McDonald’s Corp, etc.

After 13 very educational years in the corporate space, Nehcole began to notice a general break down in the fundamentals of business operations from one modern digital company to another. There seemed to be little interest in building the foundation of a business with longevity and resilience to market impacts and much interest in simply getting acquired due to the potential value of a product to a larger company. As an employee, this is not ideal; as a potential director, for Nehcole, the environment was unsustainable. So, how to move forward in an already exciting career but also help to address a general lack of interest in solid business principles and practices?

In order to make optimal use of all she had learned thus far and to continue developing her knowledge and passion for business, Nehcole began studying to become an Accredited Small Business Consultant. In 2017, Nehcole finished her studies, passed the AASCB® examination and took the first step towards becoming the sole proprietor of Felix Consulting Co.

So, there’s the history. Here’s the mission: the mission of Felix Consulting Co. is to work together with small and micro businesses over the life of their organization to provide effective operational and financial structure that will allow for consistency and growth over time. Felix Consulting Co. respects the fundamentals of business and operational efficiency and believes that all monetary gain comes from the work, care and consideration that go into a company’s operational structure.

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